Beer Cooler

At Cool Master Refrigeration, we know the soothing sensation a perfectly cooled bottle of beverage at the end of a long day gives. Storing them in a home refrigerator is not enough to keep your beer cold. We make sure that all of our units are the ultimate combination of function and style. Our beer coolers range from small and compact to tall upright fridges.

Our Features

  • Full glass entrance door
  • Glass reach in doors 24″ and 30″
  • Standard solid hinged doors
  • Custom size also available
  • Lights and shelving

State-of-the-Art Beer Cooler Units

We take pride in providing the best refrigeration solutions in the Canadian market. Whether you’re buying commercial beer coolers for your business (restaurant, bar, pub) or are looking to amp up your wine room at home, our meticulous attention to detail is always the same.

Every model we sell and install comes with state-of-the-art temperature control, efficient compressors, and the highest quality materials engineered to perfection.

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