Refrigeration and Cooling Services in Hamilton

Hamilton A flower cooler is used in the large grocery stores and in food manufacturing companies to store food items like fruits and vegetables. For health reasons, these refrigerators have high controlled temperatures to preserve these food items. They run round the clock due to the nature of work in the big manufacturing plants.

At Cool Master, we take pride in being one of the renowned companies in the Hamilton, manufacturing customized refrigerators according to the needs of the commercial space of the clients. Our technicians are trained on the latest techniques to build these refrigerators with the use of quality material, which is essential for their longevity. We use the newest technology in making a walk-in cooler, reach-in coolers, flower coolers, and beer coolers so they can efficiently serve your purpose.

Features of Floral coolers: Floral coolers are made of the same quality materials as of the walk-in cooler and freezers. These coolers are fully customized to produce any shape and size of the cooler. The amount of air coming in can be regulated, the flow is continuous, and it allows in proper storage of the plants which require delicate care.

  • They have high-performance insulation
  • Available in customized sizes and options
  • Installed with heated glass door with LED lights
  • Metals in the interior and the exterior portions
  • Equipped with sliding door facility

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