Sliding Door

Sliding Door: Manual Single or Bi- Parting:

  • It is suitable where there is a space constraint for swing door.
  • Ideal for skid handling using forklift or Handpump.
  • It made up of Polyurethane foam
  • Freezer door are CSA Certified
  • It is suitable for indoor and outdoor box.


  • It comes with Surface mount or ‘L’ Frame
  • Doors built with backings and Hardware.
  • Its is equipped with Door handle, Frame, Header, Track, Floor stay roller, gasket, Floor sweeper and door stopper.
  • Aluminium checker plate on exterior side of the door for protection.


  • Thickness: 4” or 5”
  • Width and Height and can be customized as per the customer requirement.


  • White 26 Ga G-90 Pre-Paint Galvanized (Standard)
  • 24 Ga Stainless steel
  • 26 Ga Black Polyster


  • Windows for Doors
  • Interior Aluminium checker plate on interior side of the door for protection.
  • Thermometer
  • LED Light

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  • After sale services.
  • Technical support

Different type of door


Single Door


Bi- Parting Door

Door Mounting

L Frame

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